Trump's Landslide The promise of Trump and the game of predicting the future

America’s yellow media had first completely missed the phenomenon of Trump and called him all kinds of names, eliminating the possibility of a Trump victory even when he had become the nominee of the Republican party. To their credit, they have nominally apologized profusely for their mistake but now this very same media is exclaiming how impossible a Trump victory would be in November. These are very much post-modernists, those that believe that feelings matter more than facts. Their personal bias and their insulation is preventing them from seeing the light, what the true American patriots want for their formerly great nation.

Trigger warning, trigger warning! Trump will win in an unprecedented landslide and I am calling it now.

This is not wishful thinking, a nightmare vision, or anything else but a careful analysis of the facts that we currently have and a calculated prediction.

All kinds of slander have been attempted against the nominee. It is very scary for the regressive left to hear people speak as they see it, to see people stand up for their beliefs, and not apologize for remaining true to their convictions. Meanwhile, the media has mainly been ignoring the truly awful transgressions that Mrs. Clinton has allowed herself – from the email fiasco to the clear embezzlement and corruption of the Clinton Foundation. Fact denial of this level is, dare I say it, unprecedented in itself. The Gulf of Tonkin incident comes to mind, American ships shooting at each other, and calling it a reason for war.

It is an illusion of the foolish and the ignorant to state that America is a democracy. In fact, the Founding Fathers of the nation rightfully deeply distrusted and dismissed the whims of the common man, the “tyranny of the majority” as first described by John Adams. Indeed, how can a member of the Electoral College in good faith place their vote for somebody who is a clear criminal, somebody literally under investigation of the domestic intelligence service? No, they cannot and they will not – leaving Trump as the evident victor. With Manafort's experience, this will be capitalized on. 

“The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” - Thomas Jefferson

But, the populists exclaim, “She has the minority vote, and the women’s vote, and Trump is loathed by his own party!” That is a gripe that is easily dismissed – a minority is by the very definition of the word, the outnumbered, the few, the outvoted. Trump has long been well-liked by women, and the glowing Melania is just one shining beacon of that. Lest we forget his playboy past, and most vividly his present. He is a strong leader, one that does not whine and apologize like a kicked dog for America’s role as a global superpower, somebody that exudes confidence, power, wealth, all the characteristics of a muzhik, of an alpha male. It is delusional to say that this is not attractive, and it is the ironic truth that the biggest champions of female empowerment are often privately very partial to being dominated. Do as I say, not as I do indeed.

A final touch of history – for we all know that we will otherwise repeat. Recall the Monroe Doctrine, and transplant it into the modern day. It is no coincidence that so much of Trump’s rhetoric recalls various great thinkers of the 1800s. Trump’s vision and mine are both for a last bastion of unflinching Western idealism. Europe has fallen, London has drowned, and I choose not to live by the river. I do not wish to apologize for the flag of my country, I am not afraid to be a perceived as politically incorrect when I say a resounding “No” to illegals, to refugees. As I am myself an immigrant, I know like nobody else, the difference between a contributing economic immigrant and another wishful leech, a welfare seeker. We desperately need real change after the extensive, regressive liberal governments that we have been subjected to. A small, frugal government, a low flat fair tax. A nation returning to its roots as an individualistic stronghold of freedom. A genuine belief in the opposite, in socialism, can only be held by someone deeply aware that they take more than they give back. In precise terms, that is a freeloader, a parasite – a most despicable thing indeed.

I enjoy the occasional gamble and I am telling you now, with the current gambling site odds being 9/4 for a Trump victory, that this is an excellent opportunity to win big.