Phantoms Delving into the invocations and associations brought on by a somber and seminal microhouse record

Music to stare at the pale full moon to while watching the wispy elusive phantom fumes come off your cigarette.

You can think of and just barely recall all the people that you’ve known, particularly briefly, the ones that have come and gone, the ones you have crossed paths with in the night.

Now they are become themselves memories, phantoms – for isn’t that what we all end up being – imprints on one another for better or for worse, and likely for both.

People remain as shadows that are cast on distant walls, long after the people casting them have passed into the past. There is beauty in this and yet also something unsettling. It is at once ephemeral and yet numinous. We, who were named after constellations, then are predestined, to one day soon become constellations ourselves.